Turn Invoices Into Capital To Fund Your Growth

Instantly unlock up to 90% of
your Sales Invoice Value.

Get the funds you need now to cover expenses
and grow your business.

Credlix for all your Invoices

The Credlix Advantage


Collateral Free

No need to pledge assets for funding.


Quick Finance

Up to 90% of your invoice value can be funded within 48 hours.


Digital Process

Minimal one-time documentation required.


Competitive Rates

Secure better interest rates than traditional loans, without any additional collateral.

Invoice Payment
in days hours

Unlock the value of your unpaid invoices within hours, not days. With Credlix, receive up to 90% of your invoice value in just 24 hours, ensuring immediate working capital to manage expenses and invest in growth opportunities. Our seamless digital process and competitive rates make it easy to maintain a healthy cash flow without the wait.

Credlix for all your Invoices

Simplified Process Flow



Upload your unpaid invoices to our platform.



Receive up to 90% of the invoice value within 48 hours.



The remaining 10% is paid on the due date of the invoice.

You sell products and usually wait for 3 months to receive payment.

With Credlix, 90% of the payment is made upfront and the remaining 10% is made on the due date of the invoice. Without Credlix, you would get payment only on the due date.


Tailored Solutions for Various Industries





Industry-Specific Use Cases:

  • Apparel: Seamlessly manage cash flow to handle large orders and seasonal spikes.
  • Electronics: Invest in new technology and innovation without waiting for invoice payments.
  • Automotive: Maintain a steady supply chain and manage production costs effectively.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensure timely procurement of raw materials and meet regulatory standards with ease.

Explore Credlix Solutions

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Early Payment

For Anchor customers, avail vendor financing solution

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Why Choose Credlix?

Expertise in Supply Chain Financing

As part of the Moglix Group, we leverage deep industry insights and a robust network.

Global Reach

With offices in India, USA, UAE, and Mexico, and partnerships in 90 countries, we support your global trade needs.

Apply Today to unlock the value of your invoices and propel your business growth with Credlix.

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