Credlix for Enterprises: Export Finance

You export.
We fund. It’s that simple.

Boost your exports and fulfill more buyer orders with Credlix by leveraging our collateral-free and reliable invoice discounting and purchase order financing solutions

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The Credlix Export Finance Advantage

Upfront finance

Get up to 90% of the invoice value upon shipment. No more waiting 30-120 days for your export receivables

An integrated solution

Sort your entire working capital journey. Leverage Credlix’s post shipment and purchase order financing benefits on one single platform.

Cover your Buyer’s credit risk

We are more than just credit insurance cover that you take. Say goodbye to a longer waiting period, lengthy claim filing paperwork, and complex approval process.

Access higher credit limit

Access credit up to USD 3 million and use your working capital to grow your business exponentially

Explore Credlix Solutions For Your Enterprise

Invoice Discounting

Secure faster funding for your export invoices using minimal documentation and zero hard collateral.

Purchase Order Finance

Get up to 70% of purchase order value financed. We fund against your confirmed purchase orders from your overseas buyers.

How Credlix Works for Exporters

  • Apply online or call us for your needs
  • We do our appraisal and assessment and setup a limit for your approved buyers
  • You initiate shipment and invoice your customer. We purchase this invoice
  • We obtain digital acceptance from the Buyer
  • We finance upto 90% of the invoice to your account
  • On the invoice due date, the Buyer directly pays us the full invoice value.
  • Credlix then releases the balance payment (net of fees) to you

Hear from Our Customers

Their understanding and knowledge of financing solutions have been valuable for our business.

Deepak Gaur Sharma



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Manufacturing company automates supply chain financing."

Ishita Bowry

Director - Finance


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The entire process of working with the Credlix team has been easy and end-to-end digital.

Ujwal Desai

CEO & Founder


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We significantly improved our suppliers’ cash cycle, allowing efficient invoice-to-cash processing.

Aditya Birla

Fashion & Retail

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Food processing company adds significant value to its supply chain.

Vinod Jobanputra

CEO & Founder

Lalsai Dehy Foods

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Frequently Asked Questions

It usually depends on the Buyer’s profile and geography as we assess their financials and overall business. It ranges from 7% – 11% annually or 0.6% to 0.9% per month. It is charged on the number of days utilization from the date of disbursement to the Exporter till a payment from the Buyer is received by Credlix.

We do not ask for collateral or hard security. Our documentation is easy, fast, and digital. We have a higher credit underwriting appetite as our recourse is on the Buyer and not the Exporter’s balance sheet or resources. In addition to financing, we also offer protection/insurance cover against non-payment by Buyers

Very little. Factoring, in any case, is a prevalent financing mechanism in your Buyer’s countries. For enterprises, it’s business as usual.

We do not need any approvals from the Banker. It is like instead of Buyer, Credlix pays to the Exporter’s bank account.

That’s on Credlix because we take upfront insurance or risk underwriting of Buyers.

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